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DEKA Fitness Zone

Test your fitness in this mini-DEKA fitness zone, designed for adults and kids!

What is DEKA?

From the same team who brought you Spartan, DEKA is a true modern-day decathlon of functional fitness for participants of each and every fitness level. DEKA has created an environment in which athletes of all skill levels can continuously train, test, and compete. We feel every gym, box, studio, personal trainer, coach, and group fitness instructor are all doing great work helping improve the fitness culture and DEKA provides a great testing opportunity for their clients.

Putting an emphasis on training with a purpose, DEKA gives you the ability to set goals and challenge yourself. Constructed with all athletes and skill levels in mind, the course combines DEKA Fitness Zones to build out a well-rounded functional fitness training and testing environment for all levels of fitness.

Sponsored by: DEKA and the Spartan Kids Foundation

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