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The Strength Training Zone

For many runners, strength training is a low priority, playing second fiddle to logging more miles and the occasional track workout. But, to run fast (and pain-free), weightlifting should be a part of every runner’s game.

Urban Athlete works with runners to build personalized strength programs that enhance overall performance. In addition, our highly skilled team is trained to help runners who have sustained injuries or are experiencing pain that is keeping them from achieving performance goals.

If you are looking to improve your running by building strength and flexibility, then come see us at the show. We will be running short classes covering:

• Outdoor and home workouts with a glute/core focus
• Lower body weighted strength
• Plyometrics & Stability
• Corrective Exercise
• Glute Activation
• Foam Rolling & Stretching
• Movement through planes of motion
• Injury Prevention

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