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The Strength Training Zone

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Join Boston’s Premiere Wellness Studio for Runners for a 45 Minute Strength Training for Runners Workshops:

Strength training is an important component to improving performance and reducing risk of injury in runners. When we run, the force of approximately 3 times our body weight is placed on each leg. That is a lot of added force – so it is crucial to work on strengthening those muscles and creating stability to absorb the force and minimize the load on our joints and skeletal system. Strength work can come in the form of heavy lifting, resistance training, or bodyweight exercises. Each form of strength work serves a purpose in creating a more well-balanced, powerful runner, and at WIMB, we recommend combining all types to enhance your running economy, biomechanics and overall power and efficiency!

As we build mileage and increase our work load, we run the risk of running-related injuries. We get injured when our muscles are weak or imbalanced, and those muscles fatigue – causing other muscles to carry a heavier load. Strength training works to fix those imbalances, and improve muscle activation for running. For example, weak glute muscles can cause our quads and hamstrings to work harder while running, and create tension around the knee, causing the infamous “Runners Knee.” To correct this issue, strength work such as weighted deadlifts, bodyweight glute bridges, and clamshells with a resistance band will help to strengthen the glute muscles, help them to fire properly and take pressure off the other leg muscles, relieving the knee pain. And bonus: glutes bring the power – so your stride will become stronger and more efficient in the process!